Patent Number: 6,297,614

Title: Charging paddle

Abstract: A paddle is connected to an electricity supplying apparatus by a cable. Thepaddle is inserted into a receptacle located in a vehicle for charging abattery in the vehicle. A container, which is made of conductive resin, islocated in the paddle to surround lines separated from the cable.Conductive plating layers are formed on the inner surface of thecontainer. Noise radiated from the lines is absorbed by the plating layersand converted into a noise current. The noise current is conducted to agrounding member of the electricity supplying apparatus through a shieldlocated in the cable. The noise current is also conducted to a groundingmember of the vehicle through the receptacle. The plating layers permitthe noise current to smoothly flow.

Inventors: Hyogo; Takashi (Kariya, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013