Patent Number: 6,297,616

Title: Charge and discharge system for electric power storage equipment

Abstract: A charge and discharge apparatus for electric power storage means has an ACpower source, a transforming apparatus, which comprises a primary windingconnected to the AC power source, and plural secondary windings, andplural electric power converters comprising plural AC sides, respectiveones of which are connected to a respective one of the plural secondarywindings, and plural DC sides, respective ones of which are connected to arespective one of the plural electric power storage means.

Inventors: Kubo; Kenji (Hitachi, JP), Nomura; Takahiro (Niigata, JP), Tokunaga; Norikazu (Hitachi, JP), Miyazaki; Hideki (Hitachi, JP), Emori; Akihiko (Hitachi, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013