Patent Number: 6,297,653

Title: Interconnect and carrier with resistivity measuring contacts for testingsemiconductor components

Abstract: A test interconnect, a test method, a test carrier, and a test system fortesting semiconductor components are provided. The interconnect includes asubstrate, and a pattern of interconnect contacts on the substrate forelectrically engaging terminal contacts on a component under test. Atleast one pair of interconnect contacts comprise resistivity contactsconfigured for electrically engaging interconnected terminal contacts,such as Vss or Vcc contacts, on the component. The resistivity contactsinclude test pads arranged as a four terminal Kelvin structure. Aresistivity measuring circuit can be electrically connected to the testpads for evaluating a total resistance Rx between the resistivitycontacts. Using the total resistance Rx, and a standard based on priorresistance measurements, the contact resistances between the resistivitycontacts, and the interconnected terminal contacts on the component can bequantified. The test method includes the step of measuring and evaluatingthe total resistance Rx, and then adjusting the test signals as required.The test carrier includes a base wherein the interconnect is mounted, anda force applying mechanism for biasing the component against theinterconnect. The test system includes multiple interconnects mounted to atest board.

Inventors: Hembree; David R. (Boise, ID)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013