Patent Number: 6,297,655

Title: Integrated circuit probing method

Abstract: A circuit probing method includes contacting a conductive probe with acontact pad of an electronic circuit. An electric signal is sent betweenthe contacted probe and the contact pad. After sending the signal, theconductive probe and contact pad are removed from contacting one another.After the removing, the conductive probe is chemically cleaned. In afurther aspect, an integrated circuit on a semiconductor substrate has atleast one conductive contact pad. A circuit probe formed from asemiconductor wafer has at least one conductive projecting apex. Theconductive apex is brought into contact with the contact pad. An electricsignal is sent between the contacted contact pad and the projecting apex.After sending the signal, the apex and contact pad are removed fromcontacting one another. After the removing, the conductive apex of thecircuit probe is chemically cleaned. After the chemical cleaning, theconductive apex is contacted with another contact pad of anotherintegrated circuit formed on another semiconductor substrate, and anelectric signal is sent therebetween.

Inventors: Akram; Salman (Boise, ID)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013