Patent Number: 6,297,660

Title: Test carrier with variable force applying mechanism for testingsemiconductor components

Abstract: A semiconductor carrier for testing semiconductor components, such as baredice and chip scale packages, and a method for testing components usingthe carrier, are provided. The carrier includes a base, an interconnectfor making temporary electrical connections with the component, and aforce applying mechanism for biasing the component against theinterconnect. The force applying mechanism includes an elastomeric biasingmember adapted to apply a relatively large biasing force during assemblyof the carrier and a smaller biasing force in the assembled carrier. Theforce applying mechanism also includes a pressure plate which can includea cushioning layer with a non-stick surface for contacting the component.In addition, the cushioning layer, and elastomeric biasing member can bemade of conductive elastomers to provide an electrical path from abackside of the component.

Inventors: Farnworth; Warren M. (Nampa, ID), Akram; Salman (Boise, ID), Wark; James M. (Boise, ID), Gochnour; Derek (Boise, ID)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013