Patent Number: 6,297,673

Title: Evaluation circuit for electronic signal transmitters

Abstract: The evaluation circuit has a current interface (1,1'; 11,11') for a currentsignal (i.sub.2) from an electronic signal transducer (6,6'; 16,16'); acurrent-sensing FET (3,3'; 13,13') having a gate (G), a source (S), adrain (D) and a sensing output (sense), which is connected so that thecurrent signal from the transducer passes through the source and drain; amonitoring circuit (5,5'; 15,15') for controlling the current-sensing FETin the event of a malfunction connected between the gate (G) and to thedrain (D) or source (S); a current reflector circuit (4,4'; 14,14') havingan input connected to the sensing output (sense) of the current-sensingFET and a resistor (2,2'; 12,12') for converting current to voltage, whichis connected to an output of the current reflector circuit, so that thecurrent signal is converted to a voltage signal tapped between theresistor and the current reflector circuit.

Inventors: Walther; Michael (Moeglingen, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013