Patent Number: 6,297,684

Title: Circuit and method for switching between digital signals that havedifferent signal rates

Abstract: A circuit for switching digital signals on a plurality of signal lineswhere signals on different signals line may have different signal ratesincludes a controller that prevents a switch from being turned off untilafter another switch is stably turned ON. This allows more than one switchat a time to supply a correspondingly received digital signal to anoutput. Substantially identical digital signals may be supplied to twoinputs of such a circuit while the circuit is switched between therespective inputs. The circuit may be driven by an encoder that suppliesencoded signals without recursion but that conforms to encodingconventionally supplied by recursion. The encoder may be implemented inparallel configuration for rapid encoding of a signal, and may beimplanted to perform a data strobe signal encoding conforming to IEEEstandard 1394.

Inventors: Uyehara; Clinton (Cupertino, CA), Chiang; Kuang-Yu (San Jose, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013