Patent Number: 6,297,725

Title: Remotely-operated self-contained electronic lock security system assembly

Abstract: A keyless locking mechanism is activated by a remote unit which transmitscoded signals to an electromechanical door lock device. Theelectromechanical device components are configured for secure mountingwithin the void or hollow portions of existing door locking apparatus. Asensor in the outer doorknob receives and forwards the coded signals to aprocessor which compares them with a predetermined stored signal. If anacceptable comparison is made, the processor generates control signals forthe device, which acts solely along the locking axis to enable or disablethe door locking assembly. The coded signals include two separate signalswhich are transmitted in segments interleaved with one another. The firstsignal includes an entrance code, while the second signal providesinformation concerning the frequency over which the next segments will betransmitted. The processor uses the second signal information to tune thereceiver.

Inventors: Tischendorf; Andrew (Milwaukee, WI), Schultz; Kenneth (North Prairie, WI), Lehman; Gary (Brookfield, WI), Andreou; Demos (Tucson, AZ), Glezer; Ari (Tucson, AZ)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013