Patent Number: 6,297,749

Title: Emergency operating system for piloting an aircraft in a smoke filled cockpit

Abstract: A system for operating equipment, aircraft or other like vessels in a smoke filled environment. The system includes a face mask configured to surround a user's eyes and form an airtight seal against the user's face. The mask includes a screen viewable by the user for displaying critical operating system information that permits continued operation of the equipment or aircraft. A signal path means provides the display screen with appropriate signals from instrument display sources of the equipment or aircraft. One embodiment of the system includes a hand-operated communication device that enables non-verbal communication with others. Another embodiment of the system includes independently powered backup instruments covering minimum critical equipment or aircraft operating conditions. The backup instruments would be coupled to the mask by the signal path means in the event that the equipment or aircraft's instruments should become inoperable due to fire and/or electrical power interruption. Still another embodiment of the system includes a respirator which is integral with the mask and provides oxygen to the user.

Inventors: Smith; Eric S. (Princeton, NJ)


International Classification: G02B 27/01 (20060101); G01C 021/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018