Patent Number: 6,297,765

Title: Bistatic passive radar system with improved ranging

Abstract: A bistatic passive radar system having a display; a first directionalantenna for determining the angle between the reference azimuth of thebistatic passive radar system and the line of sight to a host transmitter;an omnidirectional antenna for receiving reflected radar pulses fromtargets at any bearing; and a second directional antenna for determiningthe angle B between the line of sight to the host transmitter and a secondline which extends from the bistatic passive radar system to a selectedtarget. The angle of the second directional antenna is indicated by a Bcursor on the display. The system includes a bistatic range correctioncircuit that utilizes an empirical determination of the distance D betweenthe bistatic passive radar system and the host transmitter for determiningthe correct range for display of a selected target. The distance D ismanually varied on the display until the B cursor on the display bisectsthe video image of a selected target toward which the second directionalantenna is pointing. This technique is applicable for all targets andreceivers that lie in the plane of rotation of the host radar.

Inventors: Frazier; Lawrence M. (West Covina, CA), Lewis; Benjamin G. (Corona, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013