Patent Number: 6,297,768

Title: Triggerable remote controller

Abstract: A triggerable remote controller is disclosed which includes a triggersignal including a command, a GPS processor coupled to the trigger signal,a position signal carrying position information generated by the GPSprocessor in response to the trigger signal, a telemetry transmittercoupled to the position signal, a telemetry transmit signal transmitted bythe telemetry transmitter, the telemetry transmit signal carrying theposition information, a trigger signal controller coupled to the triggersignal, an actuator coupled to the trigger signal controller, the triggersignal controller being configured to attempt to activate the actuatordepending on the command. A sensor may also be coupled to the triggersignal controller and the trigger signal controller may be configured toattempt to access the sensor. A GPS antenna embedded in a grommet-shapedhousing is also disclosed.

Inventors: Allen, Jr.; Alvin C. (Liberty, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013