Patent Number: 6,297,783

Title: Antenna arrangement and a method in connection with the antenna arrangement

Abstract: An antenna device for emitting and/or receiving electromagnetic radiation,such as radar radiation in a car radar apparatus is provided. Sweeping isrealized by means of a fixed feeder and a rotatable reflector. Thereflector is driven by a drive motor and its motion is monitored by atachometer. The drive motor and the tachometer are constituted byso-called flag motors which are mutually motionally coupled to each otherby mechanical means.

Inventors: Back; Ingemar (.ANG.kersberga, SE), Forslund; Ola (Sundbyberg, SE), Olofsson; Joakim (Uppsala, SE), Sjostrand; Per (Stockholm, SE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013