Patent Number: 6,297,787

Title: Display device

Abstract: In a display device, wiring for the respective display elements issimplified so that the assembling work and the maintenance work becomeeasy. A large number of display units (50) are arranged in length andbreadth directions to form the display device. Each display unit comprisesa display element (10) comprised of a light bulb, a regulator (51)comprised of a relay, a non-volatile memory (52) comprised of an EEPROMand a controller (53) including a CPU. For these display units (50), apassage (61) for power supply and a passage (71) for supply ofsynchronizing signal are drawn. Display information to designate change ofdisplay mode in time of light emitting or non-light emitting (ON/OFF)state are stored in memories within the respective display units. Thecontrollers of the respective display units carry out ON/OFF control ofregulators on the basis of the display information in synchronism with thesynchronizing signal to turn ON or OFF the display elements. If a rewritesignal is delivered to the signal transmission passage, the contents ofthe respective memories can be also rewritten.

Inventors: Nishida; Shinsuke (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013