Patent Number: 6,297,792

Title: Apparatus for driving liquid crystal display panel, liquid crystal displayapparatus, electronic apparatus, and method of driving liquid crystaldisplay panel

Abstract: The invention prevents crosstalk of preceding data and to improve contrastin a liquid crystal display panel using a two-terminal type non-linearelement such as a MIM element even when a charge and discharge drivemethod is used as a method of driving the liquid crystal display panel. Ascanning signal is formed of a signal in a charging mode and a signal adischarging mode. A charging period in which the voltage value of a firstselecting voltage in the charging mode is applied is set as apredetermined period in a first horizontal period. An overcharging periodin which the voltage value of a precharge voltage in the discharging modeis applied is set as the first half of a second horizontal period verticalperiod after the first horizontal period, and a discharging period inwhich a second selecting voltage is applied is set as the second half ofthe second horizontal period. A data signal in the charging mode issupplied in the predetermined period (charging period) in theabove-mentioned first horizontal scanning period while a data signal inthe discharging mode is supplied both in the first half and in the secondhalf of the second horizontal period (overcharging period and dischargingperiod) without changing its polarity.

Inventors: Takahashi; Kotoyoshi (Shiojioi, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013