Patent Number: 6,297,794

Title: Method of switching video sources and computer system employing this method

Abstract: A plurality of video devices, that is, a PC card controller 17, an MPEG2decoder 18, a P1394 controller 20, and a video capture 31 have each amotion-picture output port connected to a video/audio dedicated bus 4, aswell as an interface with a PCI bus 2. Hence, any motion-picture sourcecan be transferred directly to a display controller 14 through thevideo/audio dedicated bus, without using the PCI bus 2. Variousmotion-picture sources can therefore be efficiently displayed.

Inventors: Tsubouchi; Takumi (Hidaka, JP), Nishigaki; Nobutaka (Fussa, JP), Sakai; Makoto (Ome, JP), Honma; Toru (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013