Patent Number: 6,297,804

Title: Pointing apparatus

Abstract: The present invention provides a precise, easy to understand pointingapparatus. It allows users to point both to a position on a display onwhich virtual world information is displayed and to real objects in thereal world with one pointing device to increase productivity. The pointingapparatus comprises, for example, a light pointer capable of projecting adesired-shaped pointer light beam on a real object in the real world, suchas a document or a three-dimensional object, at a desired position or in adesired direction, a display on which virtual world objects such as agraphical user interface or electronic data are displayed, a pointingdevice allowing the user to point to a desired position, and a boundarydetection sensor detecting the position of the real object and sensing theboundary between the real object and the display area of the display. Thepointing apparatus displays a cursor when the user points to a position onthe display, while it displays the pointer light when the user points tothe real object. This ability allows the user to point to both a positionin the virtual world and a position in the real world with one pointingdevice.

Inventors: Kashitani; Atsushi (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013