Patent Number: 6,297,813

Title: Driving circuit for display device

Abstract: The driving circuit of this invention for a display device displaying aplurality of gray levels in accordance with digital data including a firstbit portion and a second bit portion, includes: a voltage dividing circuitfor generating a plurality of interpolation voltages between a pluralityof gray level voltages supplied externally by dividing the plurality ofgray level voltages; a first selection circuit for selecting a firstvoltage and a second voltage which is different from the first voltageamong the plurality of gray level voltages and the plurality ofinterpolation voltages based on the first bit portion of the digital data;a second selection circuit for selecting one of a plurality of oscillatingsignals having different duty ratios based on the second bit portion ofthe digital data; and an output circuit for outputting an oscillatingvoltage which oscillates between the first voltage and the second voltageselected by the first selection circuit at a duty ratio of the oscillatingsignal selected by the second selection circuit.

Inventors: Okada; Hisao (Ikoma-gun, JP), Etoh; Sunao (Tenri, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013