Patent Number: 6,297,928

Title: Mounting assembly for a disk drive

Abstract: A mounting assembly for securing a disk drive to a frame of a computer isprovided herein. The mounting assembly includes three rigid mounts and asingle flexible mount. Each rigid mount rigidly secures the drive housingto the frame and prevents degradation of performance of the disk drive.The flexible mount diminishes the level of vibration transferred from theframe to drive housing. Further, the flexible mount facilitates flexing ofthe drive housing intermediate the flexible mount and the rigid mounts.This reduces the effects of a shock pulse to the disk drive and inhibitshead slap between a transducer head and a storage disk.

Inventors: Hahn; Peter (Fremont, CA), Lin; Arthur (Fremont, CA), Choi; Shin John (Cupertino, CA), Ngai; Rodney (Sunnyvale, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013