Patent Number: 6,297,932

Title: Super-textured air bearing surface slider design for data transducers inrotating media random access computer mass storage devices

Abstract: A textured air bearing surface ("ABS") slider design of particular utilityin devices which utilize an air bearing surface to control the flyingheight or spacing between two relatively moving surfaces such as thesliders designed for use in conjunction with the read/write datatransducer elements in a hard disk drive. The textured ABS slider providesmuch improved slider-to-media stiction and contact start stop ("CSS")performance due to its provision of much earlier take-off characteristicswhich is of particular importance for use with high RPM drive designswhich allow for higher data throughput. At low RPMs the fly height of theslider is increased while the fly height remains substantially the same atnormal operating speeds. The textured ABS slider design disclosed may bereadily effectuated with only minimal design and processing changes.

Inventors: Liu; Hain-Ling (Northborough, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013