Patent Number: 6,297,963

Title: Security docking cable for computer docking system

Abstract: A docking cable, used to interconnect a computer with a clocking station,has an integrated cabling structure that bundles at least one electricallyconductive line (e.g., signal, ground, or power line) together with asecurity cable. The security cable may be implemented as a strand oralternatively as a grounded tube that wraps around the conductive line toprovide both structural security as well as a shield to protect fromexternal electro-magnetic interference. The integrated cabling structurepreferably has an anchor portion that allows affixation of the dockingcable to a fixture (e.g., desktop, chair, wall, etc.). The docking cablepreferably has a computer-side connector coupled to one end of theintegrated cabling structure for connection to the computer and astation-side connector coupled to the other end of the integrated cablingstructure to interface with the docking station. The computer-sideconnector preferably has a locking mechanism for locking onto thecomputer. It also preferably has an undocking button to enable a user torequest that the computer be undocked from the docking station andpreferably an indicator light to indicate when it is safe to undock thecomputer from the docking station.

Inventors: Fogle; Steven L (Corvallis, OR)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013