Patent Number: 6,297,966

Title: Memory module having improved heat dissipation and shielding

Abstract: A memory module assembly in accordance with the present invention comprisesa memory module, such as a RAM module, and a pair of shells for enclosingthe RAM module. The RAM module comprises a printed circuit board (PCB), aplurality of memory chips attached on the PCB and a plurality of relatedelectronic elements disposed near the chips. A securing means comprises aclasp for fixing the PCB and the shells together at a middle portionproximate upper edges of the PCB and the shells, and a pair of rivetsextending through corresponding positioning apertures defined proximate abottom edge of the PCB and corresponding apertures defined proximate abottom edge of the shell. The clasp is resilient and comprises a shoulderand a pair of resilient arms inwardly extending from opposite ends of theshoulder for securing the PCB and the shells together. The clasp can alsointegrally extend from an upper edge of each shell for being bent tosecure the PCB and the shells together after the RAM module is assembledwith the shells.

Inventors: Lee; Shun-Jung (Pan-Chiao, TW), Lee; Hsieh-Kun (Chung-Ho, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013