Patent Number: 6,297,969

Title: Electromagnetic interference shielding enclosure

Abstract: An electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding enclosure includes a basehaving a first threaded lip. A cover has a second threaded lip. The secondthreaded lip screws onto the first threaded lip and attaches the cover tothe base. The base is provided with a first inner recessed wall and thecover is provided with a second inner recessed wall. When the cover isscrewed onto the base, the first and second recessed walls form a hollowcavity within the EMI shielding enclosure. The hollow cavity has acurvilinear profile in cross section, such as an ellipsoidal profile,which improves the EMI attenuation characteristics of the EMI shieldingenclosure.

Inventors: Mottahed; Behzad (Essex County, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013