Patent Number: 6,297,979

Title: In-rush current controller with continuous cycle-by-cycle control

Abstract: An in-rush current controller for a mains power rectification circuitincluding a fill wave rectifier and a capacitor. A serial resistorsuppresses in-rush currents. The controller includes a sensing circuitthat controls a pair of silicon controlled rectifiers to cyclically shuntor isolate the resistor during normal operation. Thus, power is notdissipated by the resistor and undesirable heat is not generated duringnormal operation. The sensing circuit responds to abrupt rises in voltage(typical of in-rush current conditions) to inhibit turn ON of therectifiers so that the resistor is not shunted or isolated at such times.

Inventors: Tse; Man Sing (Hong Kong, HK)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013