Patent Number: 6,297,986

Title: Ferroelectric random access memory

Abstract: Disclosed is a ferroelectric random access memory including a plurality ofbit lines extending in one direction, a plurality of plate electrode linesextending in another direction perpendicular to the one direction, aplurality of word lines extending in the same direction as the plateelectrode lines, and a plurality of unit cells arranged in an M.times.Narray. The unit cells are grouped into a plurality of unit cell groups,each unit cell group consists of a plurality of unit cells connected toassociated bit lines such that the unit cells are interlaced in a rowdirection or in a column direction. A dummy cell group consists of aplurality of dummy cells each connected to an associated one of the bitlines at an optional position on the associated bit line. A switchingtransistor group consists of a plurality of switching transistors eachserving to switch a connection between associated ones of the unit cellson an associated one of the bit lines, and to switch aninput-to-input/output-to-output coupling between two associated dummycells, in response to a control signal externally applied. When data isread from an optional one of the unit cells on a selected one of the bitlines, an average voltage between voltages respectively outputted fromthose of the dummy cells connected to two bit lines neighboring to theselected bit line is applied to the neighboring bit lines as a referencevoltage required for a comparison with a voltage corresponding to theread-out data.

Inventors: Jae Kap; Kim (Kyoungki-do, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013