Patent Number: 6,298,012

Title: Doubly resonant push-pull flextensional

Abstract: The present invention relates to a flextensional transducer devicecomprising a multi-resonant shell and push-pull driving system for drivingthe shell so as to provide at least two tunable resonant modes, therebyincreasing the operational bandwidth of the device. The push-pull drivingsystem is formed by four rings of active drive material grouped to operateas two opposing push-pull pairs. The shell has a dog-bone configurationwith two arcuately shaped interior web portions joined to the pairs ofrings, end sections joined to the interior web portions, and a centralconcave section which functions as the primary radiating surface. Uponapplication of a desired current to the push-pull ring pairs, the interiorweb portions are caused to vibrate, which vibrations are transmitted tothe end sections and the central concave section. By raising or loweringthe bending stiffness of the interior web portions, the end sections, andthe central concave section, one can selectively tune the modal resonanceof the shell.

Inventors: Benjamin; Kim C. (Portsmouth, RI)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013