Patent Number: 6,298,013

Title: Device for monitoring the travel time of mail shipments

Abstract: A device for monitoring the travel time of mail shipments and including amotion sensor, a memory for compiling the measured motion values, anelectronic evaluation unit and a current supply. The motion sensor, thememory for the measured values, the electronic evaluation unit and thecurrent supply are arranged on a partially flexible support or circuitboard that is configured such that it includes rigid circuit boardportions for the arrangement of the motion sensor, the memory for themeasured values and the electronic evaluation unit as well as the currentsupply and these rigid circuit board portions are connected with oneanother by flexible circuit board portions or components.

Inventors: Berlin; Bernhard (Berlin, DE), Rebel; Burghard (Berlin, DE), Berends; Andreas (Berlin, DE), Poeppinghausen; Eberhard Von (Berlin, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013