Patent Number: 6,298,022

Title: Reproduction apparatus, recording and reproduction system, reproductionmethod, and recording and reproduction method

Abstract: A reproduction apparatus for reproducing a program recorded on a recordingmedium by which use of a high speed dubbing function by a user exceeding arange of personal use can be suppressed to achieve protection of thecopyright is disclosed. The reproduction apparatus includes a reproductionmeans for reproducing a program recorded on a recording medium, a timecounting means for starting time counting in response to an operation ofthe reproduction means, a detection means for detecting information foridentification of the recording medium or the program, a memory forstoring the detected identification information corresponding to the timecounting means, a comparison means for comparing the stored identificationinformation and the detected identification information, and a controlmeans for inhibiting, when the comparison means discriminates that thestored identification information and the detected identificationinformation coincide with each other, the reproduction by the reproductionmeans of the program corresponding to the identification information untilthe time counting of the time counting means corresponding to theidentification information reaches a predetermined time.

Inventors: Aramaki; Junichi (Chiba, JP), Ohba; Akira (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013