Patent Number: 6,298,030

Title: Memory control and reproducing and/or recording apparatus for storage andaccess of memory location

Abstract: In a memory control device for controlling the write-in/read-out operationfor a memory of a recording/reproducing apparatus, a sector data storingarea and an additive area are set in each sector-based data storing areain the memory. A prescribed data is stored in the additive area associatedwith the sector-based data stored in the sector data storing areas. Theaccess addresses for the additive area are generated on the basis of thesector count value when the sector data write-in or read-out is carriedout in the memory. The access addresses are calculated by the memorycontrol device.

Inventors: Maeda; Yasuaki (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013