Patent Number: 6,298,031

Title: Disc player

Abstract: A disk player comprises a turntable for rotatably holding an optical disc; an optical pickup for recording information into and reading information from the optical disc, an elongated guide shaft arranged in a predetermined moving direction of the optical pickup for guiding the optical pickup to move in said predetermined direction, a pivotable chassis for mounting the turntable, the optical pickup and the elongated guide shaft, a cartridge holder for receiving and holding a cartridge containing the optical disc. In particular, an adjustment mechanism is provided on the pivotable chassis for adjusting a positional relationship between the optical pickup and the turntable by moving one end of t he elongated guide shaft in a plane which is generally parallel with a recording surface of the optical disc.

Inventors: Morita; Yuji (Saitama-ken, JP), Seshime; Yoshihiro (Saitama-ken, JP), Kurosawa; Masashi (Saitama-ken, JP)

Assignee: Pioneer Electronic Corporation

International Classification: G11B 21/16 (20060101); G11B 21/24 (20060101); G11B 7/08 (20060101); G11B 7/085 (20060101); G11B 7/09 (20060101); G11B 017/03 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018