Patent Number: 6,298,044

Title: Method and apparatus for determining if overloaded collision domains can besplit to enhance network

Abstract: The present invention provides an optimization tool that utilizes trafficdata across collision domain boundaries to provide suggestions as to howthe network should be changed to achieve an optimal network topology. Theoptimization tool identifies collision domains that are reaching theirpeak capacity and analyzes their traffic pattern data to determine whetherthese over utilized collision domain should be divided into smallercollision domains. Once traffic data is collected, the steps typicallyimplemented by the optimization algorithm to determine the optimal networktopology include: identifying and removing global talkers from theanalysis; creating workgroups based on the network traffic patterns; foreach workgroup, deleting any nodes that do not reside on the samecollision domain as the rest of the nodes in that workgroup; analyzing theworkgroups of each collision domain; inserting previously removed globaltalkers back into the analysis; and analyzing the global talkers.

Inventors: Britt; Julie A. (Roseville, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013