Patent Number: 6,298,050

Title: System and method for cancelling the extra interference created during position location in a CDMA cellular system

Abstract: Systems and methods for cancelling interference in received CDMA signals due to signals of users involved in position location in the received signals which have been digitized to form a composite digitized baseband signal which would otherwise interfere with the detection of other user's data streams. The particular user's signals are detected, and an estimate of the air interface for that user is made. The user's signals are then passed through a model of the air interface, and the resulting output is subtracted from the composite digitized baseband signal, thereby removing interference due to that user's signals.

Inventors: van Heeswyk; Frank Martin (Nepean, CA), Newson; Paul (Kanata, CA)

Assignee: Nortel Networks Limited

International Classification: H04B 1/707 (20060101); H04B 7/005 (20060101); H04B 007/216 (); H04B 001/10 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018