Patent Number: 6,298,060

Title: Layer 2 integrated access scheme

Abstract: An L2 integrated access (L2IA) system is constructed from: L2IA subscribersfor supporting communications between user terminals using variouscommunication media, each L2IA subscriber having an L2IA identifier foruniquely identifying each L2IA subscriber within the L2 integrated accesssystem and a terminal ID for uniquely identifying each L2IA subscriberwithin each communication medium associated with each L2IA subscriber; andan L2IA relay network formed by relay units to be connected with the L2IAsubscribers through various communication media and relayingcommunications between the L2IA subscribers through the L2IA relaynetwork, each relay unit being provided in correspondence to onecommunication medium such that at least one relay unit is provided incorrespondence to each communication medium, and each relay unit having anL2IA relay ID for uniquely identifying each relay unit within the L2IArelay network and a terminal ID for uniquely identifying each relay unitwithin each communication medium associated with each relay unit, and anLPR (Location and Preference Register) for registering an RLD (RegisteredLocation Data) indicating a terminal ID of an L2IA subscriber and an L2IArelay ID of a relay unit for each potentially available communicationmedium in correspondence to the L2IA identifier of each L2IA subscriber,such that the relay unit relays the communications between the L2IAsubscribers according to the RLDs registered in correspondence to the L2IAidentifies of the L2IA subscribers.

Inventors: Miyakawa; Shin (Palo Alto, CA), Ono; Satoshi (Tokyo, JP), Terao; Kazuyuki (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013