Patent Number: 6,298,099

Title: Constant envelope modulation communication system

Abstract: A communication system and method for continuous phase modulation providingfor transmission of a phase-modulated carrier having a phaseformrepresentative of concurrently transmitted symbols. The phaseform of thephase-modulated signal is a sum of shift bi-orthogonal functions, eachterm in that sum being weighted by one of the overlapping symbols. Thecommunication system and method provide full-response demodulation for therecovery of a particular symbol from among the concurrently transmittedsymbols by selecting a receiving filter function shift bi-orthogonal tothe transmitter filter function corresponding to the particular symbol.The communication system and method then provide for nulling, byintegration over a time interval during which the particular symbol istransmitted, those transmitter filter functions that do not correspond tothe particular symbol. This results in the separation of the particularsymbol from the other concurrently transmitted symbols.

Inventors: Resnikoff; Howard L. (Boston, MA), Tigerman; Mark (Reston, VA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013