Patent Number: 6,298,121

Title: Method and apparatus for making a voice and/or data call over a singleanalog phone line using a multi-modal DCE

Abstract: An enhanced micro-controller having multiple operating modes is provided toan otherwise conventional data circuit terminating equipment (DCE). Theenhanced micro-controller, responsive to local events as well as local andremote commands, controls the operation of the DCE in one of at least fourmodes, an idle mode, an analog voice mode, a digital data mode, and asimultaneous voice and data (SVD) mode. As a result of the improved mannerin which the micro-controller operates the DCE, users employing theimproved DCE may perform voice and data communication using only a singleanalog-loop telephone line and in a much more user friendly manner.

Inventors: Samson; Eric (Folsom, CA), O'Mahony; Barry (Banks, OR), Bhasker; Narjala (Portland, OR)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013