Patent Number: 6,298,129

Title: Teleconference recording and playback system and associated method

Abstract: A teleconference recording and marking system for use by a plurality ofteleconference participants includes a plurality of telephones with eachhaving a mechanism for transmitting a voice signal and a marking signal. Amechanism is provided for establishing a communications link between thetelephones. Another mechanism is used for recording the audible voicesignals and marking signals transmitted from the telephones in a digitaldata stream. Also included is a mechanism for determining a plurality oftime offsets with each time offset measured from a known location in thedata stream to each marking signal. A storage mechanism is included forstoring the data stream and time offsets. Lastly, a player mechanism isprovided for playing the data stream starting at any one of the timeoffsets. The system combines the use of telecommunication and computernetworks in order to allow teleconferences to be recorded and marked andlater retrieved and played.

Inventors: Culver; Timothy L. (Mesquite, TX), Oakes; Randall S. (Rowlett, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013