Patent Number: 6,298,134

Title: System for protecting telecommunications equipment from transient voltages

Abstract: A system that protects telecommunications equipment from AC power faultsand voltage transients comprising (1) a high-energy foldback devicebetween the current-carrying lines of a telephone system and ground; (2) avoltage clamping device between the current-carrying lines; (3) a foldbackdevice between the current-carrying lines and ground; (4) a firstovercurrent protection device connected in series with the above foldbackdevice; and (5) a second overcurrent protection device in the linesbetween the high-energy foldback device and the above mentioned seriallyconnected foldback device and first overcurrent protection device. Thesystem may be used, for example, with standard telephone lines, PBXout-of-building lines, special service lines such as carrier, pair-gain,and high speed data, and dedicated voice-band services such as pay phonesand traffic-control communication lines.

Inventors: Curry; William (Angier, NC)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013