Patent Number: 6,298,144

Title: Device for and method of detecting motion in an image

Abstract: A device for and method of detecting motion between a reference image and atest image by acquiring the images; aligning the images; dividing theimages into blocks; masking certain blocks; differencing correspondingblocks; median filtering the differences; low-pass filtering the outputsof the median filter; generating a normalized histogram for each output ofthe low-pass filter; generating a model of gaussian noise; calculating thedistance between the noise model and each normalized histogram; comparingeach distance calculated to a user-definable threshold; and determining ifmotion has occurred between the images if a certain number of distancecalculations are at or above the user-definable threshold. If a scene isto be continuously monitored and no motion occurred between the previousreference image and the previous test image then a new test image isacquired and compared against the previous reference image as describedabove. If the scene is to be continuously monitored and motion hasoccurred between the previous reference image and the previous test imagethen replace the previous reference image with the previous test image,acquire a new test image, and compare the new test image to the newreference image as described above.

Inventors: Pucker, II; Leonard G. (Columbia, MD), Sofge; David B. (Crownsville, MD)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013