Patent Number: 6,298,145

Title: Extracting image frames suitable for printing and visual presentation fromthe compressed image data

Abstract: An image processing system for automatically extracting image framessuitable for printing and/or visual presentation from a compressed imagedata is described. The image processing system includes a face detectorthat detects if an image frame contains at least a face. The imageprocessing system also includes a blur detector that determines the blurindicator value of the image frame directly using the informationcontained in the compressed image data if the image frame is determined tocontain a face. The blur detector indicates that the image frame issuitable for printing and/or visual presentation if the blur indicatorvalue of the image frame is less than a predetermined threshold. The imageprocessing system may also include a motion analyzer that determines ifthe image frame is a super-resolution image frame suitable for printingand/or visual presentation if the image frame does not contain any face.The image processing system may also include a face tracker that detectsif the image frame contains a non-frontal face.

Inventors: Zhang; Hong Jiang (Mountain View, CA), Marichal; Xavier (Court-Saint-Etienne, BE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013