Patent Number: 6,298,176

Title: Symbol-controlled image data reading system

Abstract: The invention relates to a system for imaging a scene comprising an opticalreader and a specially structured symbol configured complementarily withthe reader so that when the reader reads the symbol, the reader readsimage data in an image data reading region. The image reading instructionsymbol of the system may include indicators for controlling variousaspects of the image reading process such as the dimension of the imagecapture region, the relative position of the image reading region. If theimage reading instruction symbol is of a type whose actual size,orientation, and distortion can be determined, scaling, orientation, anddistortion characteristics determined from the image reading instructionsymbol can be used to improve the image reading process. A feedbackfeature may be included in the reader for indicating to a user whether thereader should be moved in order to improve image reading.

Inventors: Longacre, Jr.; Andrew (Skaneateles, NY), Husssey; Robert M. (Liverpool, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013