Patent Number: 6,298,186

Title: Planar waveguide grating device and method having a passband with aflat-top and sharp-transitions

Abstract: A passband flattened waveguide grating device and a method of designing thesame are disclosed wherein the resulting spectral response has a wide flatpassband and steep transitions. The method involves adjusting the phasesof grating elements forming the grating to achieve the desired spectralresponse. The phase variation between adjacent grating elements comprisesof, in addition to a multiple of 2.pi., a slow-varying central phasevariation and an oscillatory phase variation. The resulting spectralresponse of the waveguide device accounts for the effect of convolution ofthe field distribution profiles of the input port and of the output portsof the device.

Inventors: He; Jian-Jun (Ottawa, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013