Patent Number: 6,298,189

Title: Radiation-curable optical glass fiber coating compositions, coated optical glass fibers, and optical glass fiber assemblies

Abstract: Optical fiber coatings are disclosed having excellent ribbon stripping and adhesion behavior. The coatings are radiation-curable. The excellent stripping and adhesion behavior can be achieved by several means which include by use of additives, by use of radiation-curable oligomers having higher molecular weight, or by use of coatings having certain thermal properties. Combination of means can be employed. Stripping behavior can be measured by crack propagation and fiber friction measurements.

Inventors: Szum; David M. (Elmhurst, IL), Chawla; Chander P. (Batavia, IL), Petisce; James R. (West Dundee, IL), Vandeberg; John T. (Barrington, IL), Pasternack; George (Riverwoods, IL), Bishop; Timothy E. (Algonquin, IL), Snowwhite; Paul E. (Elgin, IL), Zahora; Edward P. (Naperville, IL), Lapin; Stephen C. (Waterford, WI)

Assignee: DSM N.V.

International Classification: C03C 25/10 (20060101); G02B 006/22 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018