Patent Number: 6,298,193

Title: Device and method for applying light conductive fibers

Abstract: A device for applying light conductive fibers onto substrates and having amounting yoke, a holding device and a stamping device. The holding deviceis configured as a U-shaped base body with an upward arching outside areahaving guide grooves and holders for installing the fibers in the device.The stamping device consists of a stamp, a stamp neck and a stamp head,which are inserted and linearly guided in the U-shaped die sink in theholding device. The device ensures a precise positioning of fibers and inparticular of functional units in fiber segments. Fiber breaks can benearly ruled out with the application method. The separating foils ensurethat the device can be removed after the adhesive has hardened, so that noforce is exerted onto the fiber through excess adhesive that sticks.

Inventors: Staudigel; Lothar (Neu-Ulm, DE), Trutzel; Michael (Blaustein, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013