Patent Number: 6,298,204

Title: Corona Charger with integral latch member for locating the charger relativeto a roller

Abstract: A corona charger and integral latch member device includes a corona chargerhaving a longitudinally ending wall and a corona generating electrodeextending generally parallel with the longitudinally extending wall andspaced a predetermined distance therefrom. A latch member has a portionintegrally molded with the wall proximate one end of the charger to definepart of a bearing surface for engaging a first axially directed member ofa roller. The bearing surface is spaced from the wall so as to determine alocation of the corona-generating electrode relative to the axiallydirected member.

Inventors: Bertram; Gary B. (Honeoye Falls, NY), Dunn; Carol K. (Rochester, NY), Taylor; Randall J. (Bergen, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013