Patent Number: 6,298,206

Title: Electrophotographic developing apparatus

Abstract: It is an object of the invention that development quality is improved byincreasing the amount of charge during the transportation of toner by atoner holding member and decreasing the amount of charge duringdevelopment for rendering an electrostatic latent image visible. Aone-component non-magnetic toner is supplied from a toner supplying unitto the toner holding member such that the toner is electrostaticallyattracted to adhere to the toner holding member with a large amount ofcharge. The charge of the toner under transportation is reduced by chargeadjusting means such as a conductive roller supplied with a potential froma frictional charging member or a voltage source, whereby the amount ofdevelopment or the amount of toner adhering to an electrostatic latentimage is increased and development quality is improved.

Inventors: Toyoshima; Tetsuro (Kyoto, JP), Iwamatsu; Tadashi (Nara, JP), Azuma; Nobuyuki (Ibaraki, JP), Mutou; Yoshinori (Nara, JP), Nakajima; Yoshinori (Joyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013