Patent Number: 6,298,207

Title: Replenisher mechanism for a development station of a reproduction apparatus

Abstract: A mechanism for replenishing particulate material from a receptacle to aremote reservoir. The replenisher mechanism includes a housing having asensor for sensing the level of particulate material within the housing,pair of spaced end walls, and a pair of spaced side walls. At least aportion of the side walls are flexible. An interface provides flowcommunication of particulate material between a particulate materialreceptacle and the housing, and a delivery assembly provides flowcommunication of particulate material between the housing and a remotereservoir. At least one paddle assembly is operatively associated with atleast one of the flexible side walls for moving such side wall in a mannerto substantially prevent agglomeration and flake production in theparticulate material within the housing. The paddle assembly includes afirst pivot rod mounted in fixed spatial relation to the housing, a paddlesupported on the first pivot rod, a second pivot rod carried by thepaddle. A reciprocating actuator arm is connected to the second pivot rodto selectively move the paddle about the first pivot rod. A lever ispivotably mounted on the second pivot rod, whereby when the paddle isrotated about the first pivot rod by reciprocation of the actuator arm,the lever rotates about the second pivot rod providing movement of theflexible membrane adjacent to the first pivot rod causing the breaking ofany particulate material bridges at that point.

Inventors: Slattery; Scott Thomas (Brockport, NY), Livadas; Jerry Eugene (Webster, NY), Carey; James R. (Rochester, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013