Patent Number: 6,298,209

Title: Electrostatic powder coated wire for hybrid scavengeless developmentapplications

Abstract: An electrode wire for a hybrid scavengeless developer unit iselectrostatically coated with a conductive coating comprised of acrosslinked polymer and a conductive material. The wire is coated by firstelectrostatically coating the wire with a coating composition including acrosslinkable polymer and a conductive material. Following electrostaticapplication of the coating, the coated wire is initially heated to atemperature above the melt temperature of the crosslinkable polymer andbelow the crosslinking temperature of the polymer for a time sufficient topermit the at least one polymer to flow out over the surface of the wire,and then further heated by increasing the temperature of heating above thecrosslinking temperature of the polymer for a time sufficient to crosslinkthe polymer. A tough, substantially smooth coated electrode wire isachieved that, when used in a hybrid scavengeless developer unit, exhibitslittle to no buildup of toner or toner components on the surface of thewire, thereby eliminating image quality defects that might otherwise becaused by such buildup.

Inventors: Kelly; Bernard A. (Ontario, NY), Silence; Scott M. (Fairport, NY), Galloway; Merrilee A. (Macedon, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013