Patent Number: 6,298,226

Title: Receiver for RF signals

Abstract: A communications device includes a direct-conversion receiver for a radiofrequency (RF) signal which is configured to receive the RF signal duringdefined time slots. A first input receives the RF signal and a firstoutput outputs a baseband signal derived from the RF signal. A mixermodule is configured to receive the RF signal and a local signal which isgenerated by a local oscillator. The mixer module generates an outputsignal which includes the baseband signal and an offset component. Anamplifier module is connected between the first output and the mixermodule, and includes a feedback loop which has in a backward path, atrack-and-hold circuit. The track-and-hold circuit is configured to trackthe offset component during a first time slot and to hold a value of theoffset component at an end of the first time slot until a subsequentsecond time slot begins. This held value is applied during the second timeslot to the output signal in order to provide for fast compensation of theoffset component.

Inventors: Lloyd; Stephen L. (Irvine, CA), Good; Pete (Dana Point, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013