Patent Number: 6,298,237

Title: Radio switching equipment permitting a plurality of mobile terminals to useone trunk circuit and a circuit control method for radio switchingequipment

Abstract: A radio switching equipment includes circuit correspondence storage portionfor storing a plurality of mobile terminal numbers with respectivecorrespondence with a circuit number of each trunk circuit, circuitcontrol portion for reading out the mobile terminal number correspondingto the circuit number of the trunk circuit or reading out the circuitnumber of the trunk circuit corresponding to the mobile terminal number,on the basis of a storage content of the circuit correspondence storageportion when call is received from the trunk circuit or when call is madefrom the mobile terminal, and requesting call processing, call processingportion for receiving the request of the call processing from the circuitcontrol portion and establishing connection between the mobile terminalidentified by the mobile terminal number and the trunk circuit identifiedby the circuit number, and varying portion for varying correspondencebetween the circuit number of the trunk circuit and the mobile terminalnumber of the mobile terminal through which a demand for variation isrequested, in the circuit correspondence storage portion, in response tothe demand for variation from the mobile terminal.

Inventors: Sekinishi; Akira (Tokyo, JP), Ihara; Takanobu (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013