Patent Number: 6,298,245

Title: IC card-type radio communication device

Abstract: An IC card-type radio communication device includes a main body ofequipment, a storage unit, a sound input unit, a sound output unit and amodulation-demodulation unit. The main body of equipment has an interfacewhich is in accordance with a predetermined standard and forms a physicalshape which is in accordance with the standard. The main body of equipmentis inserted into an entry installed on an external terminal unit. Thestorage unit is installed on the main body of equipment and stores anattribute information and an information necessary for data communicationwith the terminal unit. The sound input unit inputs a sound signal when aconversation is executed and the sound output unit outputs the soundsignal. The modulation-demodulation unit modulates and demodulates data ofthe terminal unit on the basis of the information stored in the storageunit when the main body of equipment is inserted into the entry installedon the terminal unit, and modulates and demodulates the sound signal whenthe conversation is executed.

Inventors: Usui; Yuzo (Kawasaki, JP), Arai; Yasuhiro (Kawasaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013