Patent Number: 6,298,271

Title: Medical system having improved telemetry

Abstract: A medical system having improved telemetry, the medical system featuring aprogrammer having a programming head. The system provides improvedtelemetry due to the unique antenna scheme within the programmer head. Theantenna scheme utilizes a first antenna and a second antenna, the antennasdisposed in a concentric and co-planar manner. This concentric andco-planar disposition permits the programmer head to be of much smallerand, thus, a more portable size than was previously possible. The antennais further coupled with circuitry or software or both to reduce far fieldresponse (noise). The antenna may be constructed using printed circuitboard, and thus be integrated with circuitry.

Inventors: Weijand; Koen J (Rockanje, NL)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013